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Open the Doors of Faith


Daybreak TV Productions has produced a half hour special program called “Open the Doors of Faith”, which will air on November 24, 2013 at 11 a.m. on Channel 7- WKBW TV. The production was funded by the Vincent and Harriet Palisano foundation and features Catholics who share their belief about their faith.

 Senior Producer Paula DeAngelis interviewed over 40 people, from all walks of life across the Diocese of Buffalo. The focus of the video is on prayer, church, and the relevance of Catholicism in modern society.

On the subject of prayer Bishop Malone said, “Prayer, as I think we were all taught in grammar school, is the lifting up of our hearts and minds to God.”

“Open the Doors of Faith” asks fundamental questions such as: Why do people come back to the Church?  To which Bishop Malone replied: “Fundamentally, it’s a simple answer, it is God’s grace at work in their lives.”

Others areas addressed in the special are how to welcome people back to the church after divorce, and how the Catholic Church can better serve others in the community.

A member of the Diocesan program, Divorce Link said “I think when you go through a divorce, that your faith is one of your greatest assets. If you don’t have a strong faith to begin with, I think it makes the whole process more difficult.”

If you ever wonder about such questions as: Why do people leave the church and why do they come back? How does the church serve people? This special provides some candid answers to these, and other questions regarding faith.

Regarding service, Sr. Johnice from the Response to Love Center said, “The church offers healing, I believe. And church offers joy and welcome.”