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Sunday Televised Mass

The Sunday Televised Mass is recorded in the Our Lady Chapel of St. Joseph Cathedral in downtown Buffalo. It airs on WUTV-Fox 29 at 7:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings and at various times on cable.

FOX-TV   Sunday 7:30AM WUTV Ch 29

Spectrum  Sunday 4:30PM Erie County Ch 1301

Spectrum  Thursday 8:30PM Erie Country Ch 1301

Spectrum  Sunday 12:30PM Buffalo Ch 1302

Spectrum  Tuesday 6:30PM Batavia Ch 1301

Spectrum  Mon–Friday 8:30PM Jamestown Ch 1301

Spectrum  Sunday 1:00PM Lockport Ch 1301

Spectrum  Sunday 6:00PM, Thursday 8:30PM Niagara Falls Ch 1301

Spectrum  Wednesday 2:30PM Olean Ch 1301


Sunday Televised Mass Schedule

July 2018

July 1, Fr. Jeff Nowak

July 8, Fr. Daniel Ogbeifun

July 15, Fr. Patrick O'Keefe

July 22, Fr. John Stanton

July 29, Fr. Paul Nogaro


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If you are a regular viewer of the Sunday Mass, please email your thoughts and comments, to or write us at Daybreak TV Productions - 795 Main Street - Buffalo, New York 14203-1250, USA We'd love to hear from you. If you'd like you can call us at (716) 847-8721.

Sunday Televised Mass Mission Statement

The Sunday Televised Mass reaches viewers in the Diocese of Buffalo and the surrounding areas of WNY. This ministry is not meant to replace the parish’s pastoral ministry of prayer and visitation, but as an addition to it.

Daybreak TV Productions records all of the Masses at St. Joseph Cathedral in the Our Lady Chapel. With the Sunday Mass, Daybreak hopes to bring the word of God to the home of each viewer, with Priests, lectors and musicians from different areas of the Diocese.

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