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Sesame Crusted Salmon

Sesame Crusted Salmon

4 Salmon fillets approximately 1 inch thick
1 c Toasted Sesame & Ginger dressing
¾ c plain bread crumbs
½ c raw white sesame seeds
½ tsp. pepper
1 tsp. salt
2 tsp. paprika
2 tsp. chopped parsley
3 Tbsp. canola oil
3 Tbsp. sesame oil

Marinate salmon in dressing for 2 hours. In a medium bowl, mix together the breadcrumbs, sesame seeds, pepper, salt, paprika and parsley. Press marinated salmon into breadcrumb mix. Place oils in a sauté pan over MEDIUM heat. Place salmon topside down in hot oil. Cook 3 minutes. Turn fillet over and finish cooking about 3 to 5 minutes. Turn pan off and let cook a few more minutes.


After cooking salmon on each side, place on cookie sheet and cover with foil. Refrigerate until company arrives. Then reheat in a 250-degree oven for 10 minutes.

Rice With A Crunch

2 boxes Uncle Ben’s Long Grain & Wild Rice - Follow cooking directions on the back of the box.

After the rice is cooked add
1 c finely chopped celery
1 c cut apricots
1 c toasted almonds – slivered
1 c dried cranberries

Mix everything together. Add ½ c chicken broth and reheat for 5 minutes. Or after adding additional ingredients to the rice refrigerate and reheat (microwave) when your company arrives. To keep the rice moist, add chicken broth every time you reheat.

Fr. John’s Kaiserschmarren (Sweet Raisin Pancake)

1 c milk
2/3 c PLUS 1 Tbsp. flour
Dash of salt
4 eggs, separated
2 Tbsp. sugar
¼ c rum
¼ c raisins
½ c butter
Powdered sugar to taste

Beat the egg yolks in a large bowl. Add flour, milk and salt. In a separate bowl, beat eggs whites until stiff peaks form; gradually add sugar to the egg whites. Fold the egg whites into the flour/egg mixture. Add rum soaked raisins. Heat the butter, let stand, put the drawn butter in a large frying pan (or two). Pour the batter into the pan(s) and brown on sides, breaking apart and flipping gently. With a fork score the fried batter. Serve with powered sugar sprinkled on top.