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Puttanecsa Sauce

Puttanecsa Sauce

This sauce is named for the ladies of the night.

2 T extra virgin olive oil
2 – 4 cloves chopped garlic
½ finely sliced Italian red onion
¼ cup pine nuts (optional)
¼ lb. pancetta (optional)
1 C (or more) chopped fresh tomatoes
1 tsp. anchovy paste (or if you like anchovies 1 tine flat anchovy filets, drained)
Sprinkle of crushed red pepper flakes to taste
20 oil-cured black olives, cracked away from pit and chopped
3 T capers
Juice of ½ fresh lemon (optional)
A few grinds black pepper
A couple handfuls of flat leaf parsley, chopped
1 lb. spaghetti, or your favorite pasta cooked to al dente (with a bite)
Grated Parmigiano Reggiano or Romano, or other hard Italian cheese for garnish

Heat a large skillet over medium heat and add oil, garlic, onion, anchovy paste, pine nuts, and crushed pepper. Saute until garlic is tender about 3 minutes. Add olives, capers, tomatoes, black pepper, and parsley. Bring sauce to bubble, reduce heat, and simmer 8 to 10 minutes.

Toss pasta with cooked sauce. Garnish with grated cheese.

Father Paul serves this with a salad plate of:
Dandelions (bitter)
Boston Head Lettuce
Juice of ½ lemon; olive oil and vinegar
Combine greens in a salad bowl. Squeeze the juice on 1 lemon over the bowl. Drizzle salad liberally with extra virgin olive oil. Toss salad and season with salt and pepper. Arrange plate and garnished with soppressata (hot or mild)