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Featured Story

“in a WORD” w/ Fr. Dave on Our Daily Bread
by Paula DeAngelis-Stein

      Two priests walk into a kitchen, one has a mallet, the other has a cutting board. No, this is not the beginning of a joke; it’s a description of this month’s “Our Daily Bread” show. Host, Fr. Paul D. Seil is in the kitchen with Fr. Dave Richards, pastor of Our Lady of Pompeii in Lancaster, NY and host of “in a WORD” with Fr. Dave.

      Fr. Paul’s has two objectives during this show; 1. Teach a brother priest, (who has never tasted a tomato) a few simple, yet delicious new recipes. 2. To learn more about “in a WORD” with Fr. Dave, a YouTube video series geared towards middle age students.

      “If talking to kids and sharing our Catholic faith through these videos helps someone out, I’m all about it!” exclaims Fr. Dave.

      And Fr. Paul is all about teaching Fr. Dave how to prepare: Chicken Saltimbocca, Pork Milanese, and a twist on a deconstructed Caprese salad. On this show you will also get to see an “in a WORD” w/Fr. Dave. So, tune in to “Our Daily Bread” on Saturday, July 8th at 6:30a.m. and noon on WKBW-TV Ch. 7. All the day’s recipes can be found at and entire “Our Daily Bread” shows can be viewed on the Daybreak TV Productions YouTube Channel.

      “in a WORD” w/Fr. Dave can be found on the Daybreak TV Productions YouTube Channel. It is also posted the Daybreak Facebook page and is on Daybreak website at

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