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AM Buffalo April 16, 2012 - Pasta & Frittata

Today we are going to start with one group of ingredients and turn it into two quick meals utilizing
“what’s around the house” to make a Frittata and Pasta:

In a skillet place a few tablespoons of olive or cooking oil over a medium heat.

Be creative in adding ingredients or small amounts of a  variety of ingredients for example:

Protein/Meat  -  A handful of shrimp, some sliced bacon, sausage,  ham, cooked chicken, etc. Use your imagination. If it is something which needs to be cooked, put in the skillet until just cooked through.

If you use bacon, sausage, or anything which produces its own fat, cut down on the olive oil. NOW, be CREATIVE!

Hat’s hanging around the house?  Garlic?  A left over pepper? Frozen Peas are always a good addition.

Add a diced Tomato – fresh or from a can (drained because we don’t want to add too much extra liquid). Cook those ingredients down.

If you’ve got some black olives around, those would make a nice addition for the pasta, but I think they can be too strong for the Frittata.

What’s in the herb garden? Chives are growing like crazy already and lots of other herbs are appearing as well. Add some if you like (or add them as the final touch).

Season to your taste…salt, pepper, red pepper flakes --- it’s your choice.

Whisk 4 large eggs with a couple tablespoons of water in a bowl.

Add cooked ingredients and seasoning to eggs and immediately pour into an oven-safe NON-STICK skillet. Sprinkle with some cheese if you like.

Cook on stove over medium heat slowly “scraping” the bottom of the pan until the eggs start to set.  STOP SCRAPING. Continue to cook until eggs  begin to firm up.

(Optional), Run skillet under the broiler for a minute or two until the top browns. Flip out on a plate and serve hot or at room temperature.  Or serve directly from the pan, cut like pie.


Cook one pound of pasta in boiling salted water according to the package directions until just cooked (al dente). Drain but do not rinse. Add pasta to the ingredients in the skillet. Over medium high heat continue to cook ingredients for 2-3 minutes. Mix in some cheese if you like. If pasta seems dry, mix in a little warm pasta water.   

Pour out into a bowl and serve immediately. Garnish with real grated cheese and garden herbs if you like.