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Published on Friday, July 6, 2018

We are the Daybreak Family

We are the Daybreak Family.

For more than 30 years “Daybreakers” tirelessly gave their abundant talent, enthusiasm and hard work to the video ministry of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. Some stayed for a while, others never left. But each person propelled the mission’s success, outreach and quality of work further.

Sometimes good things come to an end.

The people in the picture are the last of the Daybreakers. These people carried Daybreak to the final summit. Look around our website and YouTube channel for images and stories that show what faith looks like. Use them where and when you need, for though Daybreak is no longer around the mission still exists here.

The Daybreak TV YouTube Channel has over 1,000 videos, including “Our Daily Bread” cooking shows, “in a WORD” reflections for young people, documentaries, Fr. Baker videos, “Consider this”, “Question of the Day” and SO much more. Explore this site and be inspired about the Catholic faith, for it was the faith of each Daybreaker that made it possible.

The Daybreak Team


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Author: Claire Rung

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