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Published on Monday, February 12, 2018

What’s Going On?

What’s Going On?

Most people know that 795 Main Street in Buffalo, NY is home to Central Administration for the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. But, have you ever wondered, what do all these different departments do, what are they responsible for, what are they planning that will help people in our Diocese?

We did, so we grabbed our equipment and started to pop-in on people in different departments to find the answer. So far we have heard about: the March for Life from the Pro-Life Department, the Youth Convention from a Diocesan Youth Board Member, an upcoming Social Media Workshop from the Communication Department and a new initiative for a Parish Addiction Advocate which is coming out of the Family Life Department.

There are many departments at 795 Main Street, and the good people who work in them are striving to help those in our diocese. So, keep a look out for these short, inspiring posts! They can be seen on the Daybreak TV Productions Facebook page. Please remember to “like” and share our posts.
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Author: Paula Deangelis

Categories: News