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Published on Thursday, January 4, 2018

Father David Richards is featured in "National Catholic Register"

Father David Richards is featured in "National Catholic Registry." In a Word segments are short, fast-paced videos that deliver a solid Catholic message for youth ages 13-19.

“Daybreak called me and wanted to discuss the idea of doing YouTube videos geared toward middle- and high-school students,” said Father Richards, who was recently appointed administrator at Our Lady of Pompeii parish in Lancaster, New York. “They told me I would be a good fit.”

“Daybreak was experimenting with programming ideas directed toward a younger audience for a couple of years when the concept for In A Word evolved,” explained Claire Rung, executive producer for Daybreak TV Productions in the Diocese of Buffalo. “The reviews have been very good. We are happy with the initial view count, ranging from 500-3,000, without a promotions budget. Young people are beginning to like our Facebook and YouTube channel.”

Said Father Richards, “The videos are like a minute-long homily” that cover topics like body image, sin, loss, saints, peace and the future.

“These quick YouTube videos are key in attracting young people; you have to speak their language,” said the internet-savvy priest.

For example, in his video “Decisions,” Father Richards tells viewers that every decision they make is a choice. “Saying ‘Yes’ to one thing means saying ‘No’ to another. Decisions affect others, ourselves and God.” He adds that every decision, even the little ones, either good or bad, have consequences.

He goes on to quote St. Francis de Sales, who said, “Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and be that perfectly.”

Father Richards concludes the video by saying: “God made us for a good purpose, and we should do everything we can in our daily lives to live that out by the decisions we make.” Christine A. Smyczynski writes from Getzville, New York.


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Author: George Richert

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