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Catholic Charities wins Communicator Award of Distinction for “Finite time. Infinite good” Video

Author: John Epolito

Sr. Mary McCarrick and Rose Caldwell from Catholic Charities brought in the Daybreak production team, led by Producer Robert Karaszewski, to create this year’s fundraising on-line video. Congratulations to all!

Award winning video

Communicator Award

This is the eighth national video award given to Catholic Charities of Buffalo and Daybreak in the past 5 years.

The video features Mildred, a foster grandparent who volunteers her time and effort along with 100 other volunteers in educational settings in the Buffalo area to make a difference in the lives of so many children.The Foster Grandparent program not only assists the students with special needs and teachers, but aids the older adults themselves to remain healthy and to stay active in their communities.

Also featured in the video is Phil, who contacted Catholic Charities when he was going through some tough times . Having lost his employment due to a job injury, Phil found himself in need of counseling as well as financial assistance. Catholic Charities supplied him with counseling for his depression, as well as food vouchers, referrals to dental care and Thanksgiving dinner items.


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