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St. Joseph Cathedral

St Joseph

Daybreak TV has produced a thirty-minute documentary entitled ‘St. Joseph Cathedral.’ The purpose of this program is to look at the history of St. Joseph Cathedral and its role in the Catholic Diocese.

St Joseph Cathedral was created by the vision of Buffalo New York’s first Bishop, the Right Reverend John Timon. It was his intention to build this cathedral "as a grateful monument in honor of our Saviour God; as "gate of
heaven" for many a sad pilgrim of earth; as diocesan center of unity for this portion of the flock of Christ."

To make his dream a reality Bishop Timon traveled to Europe and Mexico where he made grand acquisitions and received financial support from the world leaders of his time. Pope Pius IX made a sizable donation and suggested that the diocese of Buffalo be dedicated to St. Joseph, patron of the worker. This proved to be insightful, as it has been said that the walls of St. Joseph cathedral rose because of the sweat and fortitude of Buffalo’s faithful.

Famed gothic architect, Patrick C. Keeley, was chosen to design St Joseph Cathedral, he is responsible for 16 cathedrals across America, including Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago and the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston. St. Joseph Cathedral has stood the test of time for 150 years and continues to serve as the center of worship for Catholics in Western New York.

The documentary includes historically significant photos, as well as archival photos and footage of events at the cathedral. Interviews with three different Bishops and the Rector of St. Joseph Cathedral bring to life the history and spirit of this beautiful house of worship.

This program is being funded by the generous support of the Vincent and Harriet Palisano Foundation. The Trustees of the Foundation fund scholarships and projects related to education. The foundation has funded various Daybreak projects in the past including "Legacy of Victory, Remembering Father Baker."

‘St. Joseph Cathedral’ will be screened during tours of the cathedral and used as an educational tool in diocesan elementary and secondary schools. Daybreak plans to broadcast this documentary within the year on one of the major network affiliate stations.

Photos courtesy of Patrick McPartland and Kelly McKeone-Daly.