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What are people saying about Enduring Faith?

“Enduring Faith does not shield viewers from the intensity of the racism and animosity these men faced. You feel the chills going up and down your spine as you hear the words of early Josephite Fathers.”
Beverly Carroll
Executive Director of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Secretariat for African American Catholics

“I've always found the spiritual struggle of black Catholics to be a fascinating one, but I never knew the breadth and depth of their history in America until I became involved in this project. It sharpens for me the debt of gratitude that today's black Catholics owe to what are in essence the pioneers of black Catholicism.”
Andre Braugher
Narrator, star of ABC-TV drama series Gideon’s Crossing

“You will see these were very difficult days,” he said. “It expresses and shows the tremendous struggles of black people in the early days. (This is) a story that's difficult to absorb.”
Bishop Henry J. Mansell
Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo

“Enduring Faith is a wonderful example of one of the little known stories of the struggle of black Americans to practice their faith. Daybreak TV Productions has provided a glimpse into this previously unexplored area of black history. I am pleased that this excellent documentary is now being made available nation-wide.”
Don Boswell
President, PBS station, WNED-TV, Buffalo, NY

“Not only did you weave a very rich story about blacks in the Catholic Church, you blended it so nicely with the history of the times ... Every element of it was beautifully crafted.”
Christi Collier
VP of Premium Services, American Public Television

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