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About Daybreak TV

We serve as the television component of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. Besides our own nationally acclaimed, award-winning productions for television and video, we are responsible for many television services on behalf of the Diocese, including the coordination of Catholic programming produced by network affiliated broadcast stations in Buffalo.

Mission Statement

Daybreak TV Productions' mission is to create an awareness to the community, that will give them an alternative viewing option. Options that motivate audiences to re-examine lifestyles, and look at moral truth, through realistic human experiences. As a diocesan production company, "The Word" is projected through television programs and special projects that emulate a high standard of quality.

Daybreak's mission is to broaden the viewing community and to foster more response to programming. Daybreak provides a production house that allows individuals, from religious communities and non-profit organizations, to produce programming, PSA's, educational videos, and parish tapes at a reasonable cost. Daybreak therefore provides these groups and communities an opportunity to create video productions that may otherwise have been impossible to produce.